Aloha! we are starting a surfer life!

this is that moment in life when you realize you don’t want to spend the rest of your precious time on our beautiful Mother Earth working and climbing on the ladder steps of a BIG company. searching for a meaning of your daily job routine and surprisingly finding none. well. guess what? we are about to change that.

aloha! we are starting a surfer life!

ok. I need to stop your enthusiasm right here. the above sentence doesn’t mean we are quitting our jobs straight away. taking our boards. buying a van and going to live on the beach for the rest of our life. sorry if that comes with a disappointment to you. although we are incorrigible optimists. we also like to go with a plan. even a mini one.

the meaning of ‘we are starting a surfer life’ is much more deeper. yup. make some room for a wee moment of pathos please. it means we will live the life we want. do things we like. be true to ourselves. dedicate every free minute to our passions and activities. spend more time traveling. listing to our heart. body and mind. putting more attention to people we are surrounded by. simply we will live the moment. live the life to the full. our meaning of fullness.

ok. I got it. enough is enough. so the first point in our plan is to obtain IKO kitesurfing instructor qualifications. simple as that.

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