-feed your soul before you go-

we are not a professional cook, knowledge how to prepare any meal is based on this what we love mean food, simple as that!

– jaglanka – 

recipe, well… put all you like, in proportion which will satisfy the hunger of your soul, I do not know easier one than this, do you?


  • millet
  • coconut oil
  • mix of spices: cardamon, cinnamon, ginger (keep it in a jar pic)
  • linseed
  • poppy seed


  • fresh fruits all you like,

(what we are using: kiwi, apple, banana, strawberries, pear,mango)

  • seeds and delicacies as above,

(what we are using: sunflower seeds, chia, goji, czarnuszka, pumpkin seeds, dried apricots, cranberry, raisins)

  • honey
  • dark chocolate



ps: to remember : love + passion + happiness = the best meal for your soul

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