dream big. never forget your home.

we always tend to dream ‘abroad’. like abroad was to mean better. bigger. nicer. cleaner. richer. cooler. greener. not the first time we find it foolish. not meaning that in a bad way though. just misleading. Poland. what a beautiful country you are. and these are not my words only. but. words spoken by Scotland. yes. Scottish people. the ones wearing kilt. playing their national music on pipes. drinking single malt whisky. eating haggis neeps and tatties. and being fortunate enough to live in Highlands. a magical. unbelievably green. breathtaking. land. isn’t it a true statement they’ve made? in deed. Tatry Mountains. we shall return here shortly. aiming for Rysy when the sun rises. can’t wait!

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  1. kjakkowalska says:

    Fulfillment is reached when you are connected with yourself and that’s your ideal place which you can call home, you cannot forgot your home cause this is you!

    So… Doesn’t matter where you are because you are always in a perfect spot.


    1. miss Qju says:

      what pills are you taking? want the same haha 😛 I cannot agree more with you. that’s is the ideal spot which we all crave to reach. however. I think there is a wider space we can call home. something beyond our own body and mind. and that is the stuff I meant not to be forgotten.


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