♥ do it with love or not at all ♥


do it with love or not at all… the main quote of this notice might sound for most of you seemingly easy, but for me, it was something really difficult to realize what ‘to do something with love’ means.

at the beginning of this year I set a goal which was ‚to love yourself’, because only then we are able to truly love what we do, to understand what love to another person means and to accept love from others, love of self is connected with acceptance of who you are, how you look, the acceptance of your disadvantages and merits, true love of self learns to forgive yourself, it gives understanding in the moments when you make a mistake, gives you wings when you loose faith in your capabilities and when you forget about your inner strength.

talking form my own experience it was not an easy task, but today I am able to stand in front of a mirror and say – I do love myself – for the way I overcome in my life and for this moment when I understood how important this love is! we can look for it for years, in the eyes of the others, require it from our parents, boyfriend, wife, best friends but until we find it in ourselves, anyone or anything, can not replace it.

love yourself is unpretentious, honest, unique and irreplaceable, this love is the balance and lack of sense of loneliness, a lot of people I know, can not stand alone because it awakens a sense of fear inside of them, but finally I know the answer why.

-with love-


inspired by the beauty of my beloved mother – nature🙌🏻

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  1. miss Qju says:

    if i’m being true to myself. and that is what this blog is about. loving myself. as you described. is still something i’m learning. or. looking for. until this moment i didn’t even realise how not obvious this golden rule is. not easy that’s for sure. but hey! i can do this. a new goal just has been set then. lovin’ it

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