it’s all about perception. good morning ;)

IMG_7102cycling to work is something that gives me that extra bit of freedom in the morning. no rushing to get a tram. no traffic. pure. easy workout. pleasure.

it’s all about perception. how we see things. or. how we can see them differently. how we approach our daily tasks. how we position ourselves. our minds. to get things done.

FullSizeRendermonday. and on the horizon. a whole day at the office. great. 33 degrees outside. sunshine. best friend in town. but i will be here till 5:30pm. it could get very miserable. and. tiring. and i could simply make it the worse day of my life.

but. it’s all about perception. the fact is. i have to be here. this is my job for now. i earn and i save. for my very first camper van. so. there is a deeper purpose to me being here. i have already spent 30 minutes cycling. perfect. now it’s a coffee time. and it’s a good coffee in the office. perfect. in the meantime. between tasks. i can share my thoughts with you. and hopefully inspire. perfect.

FullSizeRender2it’s all about perception. and i’m not trying to be over-optymistic. or. over-enthusiastic here. however it sits deeply in my nature. but. just to accept some daily routine tasks. and look for things that can brighten the day. and. what’s most important. for things to make it your day. the way you want it. adding simple ‘me characteristics’ to it.

a photo above is my office view. super green. relaxing. yes. i can be here. why not. cycling to a dinner with my best friend after work. priceless.

so again. it’s all about perception. our attitude. appreciate what you have. and. add to it your very own ‘signature’.

have a good monday! 😉 


One Comment Add yours

  1. kjakkowalska says:

    You get to the heart!
    That’s the spirit, that’s my girl!

    Keep it up!!! because as you mentioned several of times this is just perfect- with love

    Pa: motivation is in the air


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