making THE time. for THE moments.

one of these weekends. not enough sleep. in funny places. lots of good food. probably had way too much. alcohol measured in litres. open air. a bonfire in the middle of the night. crazy. wild. dancing. lots of talking. sharing. looking back. forward thinking. hoping for THE moment to last forever. surrounded by friends. best friends. and old friends too. some new faces. and the loved ones. afraid of and waiting for the sunrise. till 7am. the air is full of love. happiness. positive thinking. understanding. unbelievable energy. and then. the great will of sharing it all with the very last standing one.  till the very end.

Version 2

boom. how much i loved it being there. and now memorising it all. words cannot describe.

a full night but also a night of many thoughts. melancholy moments on how we all developed. how we progressed with our lives. what’s important for one or the other. what we value. appreciate. take care of. in life.

Version 4

it’s incredible how. during that one day. and night. i felt like. we all are here for this one purpose. to be together and share that moment. as long as possible. it certainly proved to be not an easy task to gather us all in one place. after so many years of time no see. we all valued that moment highly. making THE time. for THE moment. so simple but often not so easy to achieve. nowadays there is. probably. too many things happening at the same time. what makes it. or seems to make it. impossible to choose the best one. surely. if time matters. and i find it being the case. less is better. for me at least. i would always choose THIS one. or only THE one. instead of. and sacrificing many others. so i can be with those i truly care about. who care about me in return.

Version 5

life is about feeling. sharing. real. emotions. so just make sure to be there. no matter what. make sure. you don’t get lost in this ‘full of fake adventures’ world.

make THE time. for THE moments.

keep the adventure going!

with love


Mika & Kirak

thank you ❤ 

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photos by our best friend

Oh! happy times!

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  1. kjakkowalska says:

    with love!


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