come closer to your dreams


1- create your own unique list of dreams, place all what comes up into your brain, do not limit your imagination and desires even for a moment

2- place at sight, it can be a map with pines on all destinations selected from your beautiful dreams, or sticky notes all over the wall, or just a simple list with bazillion ideas placed on your fridge kept by funny magnet with your favorite quotes on it

3- rate them and your readiness for implementation of each of your dreams

4- don’t be a greedy one, if you desire all at once you will get nothing in return

5- make a plan, resignation form everyday pleasure like  a cup of coffee in your favorite spot will bring you a one step closer to make your dreams come true, or an old fashion piggybank might work for you, keep a goal in your head and feed the piggy with coins

6- learn how to be patient, satisfaction from realization of the simplest ones will be the best experience of your entire life

7- never ever give up on your dreams, some might cost you 10 years of waiting, but its worth it!


one of my dreams is to fly a hot air balloon one of missQiu to reach the  peak of Mont Blanc, our common  is to combine our individual dreams into one wonderful experience, we are ready to come closer to our dreams…



let yourself to live in a world of fantasies not only in your dreams




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