detox/challenges/this is what we like

crazy ideas pop readily into our heads, what do we need for that?!
only one ABSOLUTE-ely crazy night!

all night party, inspiring conversation, the last sweet roll and the decision was made, tomorrow we begin our detox…

→we love our body
→we want to feel better
→we like challenges
→we never tried that before

try to find your own trigger, any reason might be good to change yourself and your habits

if you think about detox, as something good for you, something temporary, this challenge will turn into pure pleasure, vegetables and herbs which you have never heard about, interesting combination of flavors, every day you learn something new, sound good right?!
and if the day will come in your life that you can not afford an exquisite food, that easy challenge as detox teach you how to handle any situation in your life, because I will know how many fantastic dishes you can prepare with beetroot 😛

simple recipe for a delicious smoothie:

250 grams of blueberries
2 stalks of celery
1 apple
1 lemon
100 milliliter of fruit tee or lemon balm
all you have to do is mix everything together


and  our favorite beet chips:
1 big beetroot
1 onion
any type of herbs you like
slice beets into strips, onion into rings,
sprinkle with herbs and place it in the oven

today is our seven days, there was a crisis moment and that we had no desire to look at the vegetables, but today awakened from mega energy, we are ready for the next days

sure that we yearn for different things, practically we talk only about food
but as I wrote earlier this just is temporary, so we learn how to be patience
because the prize is waiting 🙂


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