your life your call

the only one you have so it doesn’t matter where you are!!! squeeze it to the maximum, make your life happy or even happier every day from no one, don’t limit yourself, you are the one who might stop you from experience this exceptional life, as best you can.

lifeupcall – never forget about it ♥

recipe for toothsome cocktail: HOLIDAY

-mixture of amazing people,
-wonderful music,
-drop of frenetic parities,
-endless bites of tasty food,
-breathtaking views,
-tones of new experiences,
-days steeped by incredible moments,
-appropriate dose of joy
-and love as cherry on the top!


1st time on wake board with the best teachers ever (wake camp Cracow)

IMG_8457breathtaking sunrise  (Barceloneta beach)

IMG_8437looking for inspiration (Bunkers el Carmel Barcelona)

IMG_8197-001short stop full of craziness (Kitecrew Chałupy)

IMG_8360all about food ♥

and more inspirations (Oslo)

all about people ♥

ps: we are just counting days for next one 😛

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