home sweet home

but where is that?

i’ve been asking myself this particular question since 2006. 10 years already. wow time flies. and frankly for the past 4 i considered myself. homeless. althought with a nice roof over my head. but still truly homeless. anyway the good news is i finally got to the answer. namely. during one. nice and sunny Friday afternoon. while having my lunch walking around Kraków’s old town. not a very nutritious one as i had 6 oatmeal cookies with risins. honey and pumpkin seeds. no sugar. very healthly. and. a large spoon of cookie dough ice cream in a scone. lots of sugar. and delicious. well. you must know that about me already that a balanced diet is something i do care about. a lot.

WP_20160817_16_21_33_ProKraków. Poland

so walking around Kraków’s old town. the beautiful city i’ve been living since January. wondering. analyzing what has happened over the past few days. spending some time in the more distant past. then trying to see the unforseeable future. and finally getting to the present. i realized what the classic. home sweet home. means to me. suprizingly. and very luckily taking my life’s events into consideration. it doesn’t mean just one place. or one house/flat/bungalow/you name it. or one town. not to mention the family home.

13147726_1061661810547145_2417283769058180083_o (1)Chałupy 6. Poland

home sweet home is wherever i feel that classic. simple. good. where i can be myself. where i find the true me. where my heart is and my beloved ones are. home is every place i miss and want to get back to.

11009403_10206873509183226_7281992753140620680_oGlencoe. Scotland

and. quite sadly. or. let’s make it more positive and call it practically. it is not a growing number of places. it’s not like you will suddenly struggle to choose where to spend next Chrismas Eve. and what is more. you might find some of the old home sweet homes no longer there. no longer where they were a year. or 20 years ago. well. not all things go right. right? but it’s only for the good. as always. it’s a natural way. to move forward. we are in and out of many life chapters. just have that in mind. and it all gets easier to accept. to become more open-minded. less complicated and stressed-out. a one happy chap.

11896558_10207694677511921_7928637789087916827_oKatowice. Poland

phew! there is some weight off my shoulders.

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