don’t let the past to destroy your today

do you think that you can live here and now fully, with thousands of open drawers filled with the past?
or maybe closing the drawers and bury them deep in the subconscious mind, will allow you to live a happier?
do you believe that the existence of these drawers in general, has the right to exist if you actually want to live to 100%?

well…let me tell you something, or step by step, you will try to defeat your own ‘monsters’, and the proverbial drawer roll into the ocean of the past, or you will let them control your here and now…

this is not an easy task, but nobody is asking to deal with all of them at once!
give yourself a time even sitting in a bus or train, when you have noting to do, just close your eyes, which protects them from fatigue, caused by looking at the outside world and will give you enough time to observe yourself, becouse only you will know what is a priority at the moment, try select one memory, trauma, situation and start working on it…


maybe one day I will try to collect my thoughts and write more about it, but for now just do not let the past to overcome your happiness…


stay strong
with love

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