hey World!

dearest. have you ever felt like. i’m lost. i’m stuck. and i urgently need to get out of here. right now. asap. but i have no idea which direction to choose. or rather. i no longer know which one’s best for me. who am i? suddenly all gets very blurry. you have no control anymore. however everything seemed just fine. just yesterday. or the past few months. what the hell?! didn’t you feel like you were finally over IT just a moment ago? so confused. and only hoping to hide from everyone. from the whole World. and stay alone with these super crazy. alarming. scary. thoughts. no motivation. no drive for life.

hey! not a chance! remember it’s your life and it’s you who is in control of all the buttons you are given. whatever your IT is. whatever is causing your head. mind. heart. self-esteem. self-confidence. trouble. suprise suprise. you are the only one who can fight it back. nobody either can or should do it for you. anything that won’t kill you makes you stronger. what an old and valid saying. trust me.

always take your time. it’s absolutely fine to hide from the world for a day. or two. or five. it’s OK to switch off and take a step back from the people that are around you. simply it’s just fine to be by your own in moments of feeling. low. don’t force yourself to act other than you feel. it’s your right to be you. and if in that particular moment you want YOU to be just YOU then let it be. do as you feel. otherwise you are only trying to escape. which in fact is a trap. unresolved things come back. having said that i don’t mean they come back doubled. or tripled. no. they just surprise us in the least expected moment. yeah. experience talking here.

we all have dreams. we all have struggles. troubled souls. i’m not discovering a new land here. i’m just saying that you are the one with the magic wound. so use it. wisely. listen to yourself. control your thoughts. and let them fly fly high when free and happy. influence the things in your life. play with your mood. test it. have fun. and most of all. be true to yourself. in that way you will always win and return back from moments of lost power. recharge in silence when need be. think of IT and look back onto IT. then say goodbye. and never look back again. stop comparing. appreciate. and follow your dreams. that proves to be always the right direction. may the force be with you 😉

hey World! I’m back!

red-bull-rally-dos-ventos-brazil-arial-shot..and counting days to kitesurfing in Brasil!

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  1. Thomas Hill says:

    I am scared about our the similar emotions and thoughts.

    REN? LEZARD Mode GmbH Thomas Hill – Chief Brand Officer – Industriestrasse 2 D 97359 Schwarzach am Main Mobil +49 160 96303644 THill@rene-lezard.com http://www.rene-lezard.com

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    1. kjakkowalska says:

      Hi Thomas! no need to be! abandon your fears, and place a little smilie instead, just be happy that on this amazing world is more people with such a beautiful soul K.


  2. kjakkowalska says:

    FLY FLY HIGH!!!! ❤


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