Berlin callin’ for wandering eye

14374743_10210828684340133_124632622_owhenever i walk around the city. make it Berlin this time as we’ve just returned from a fantastic 28 hours pretty intensive in many different kinds of emotions weekend. i wonder. i look at people. and i see some ugly faces. weird shapes. untasty tastes. some very fat ones. and super thin too. and then i think i would rather be fat than so scrawny. some very pretty faces. and some regular or ‘nothing catchy’ ones. sporty types. ‘i would rather live in the 70s’ types. the sweet ones. and scary ones too. i judge. and. just a few seconds later i regret i judged someone. and i constantly promise to myself i won’t judge anyone again. what i see and what i wonder about are just shapes. outfits. with more and more completely different types around. absolutely unmatching one another. and it’s incredible. amazing in it’s own way.

img_7694always love yourself. i won’t write anything new to this subject. i can only refer you to the already written blog post by kjakkowalska. do it with love or not at all 

as soon as you realize that we all are very different. it gets easier to accept any irregularities you might not like in yourself. come on. wake up. i am not perfect. she’s not perfect. and you are not perfect either. what does it mean anyway? as much as you can. to some extent of course. improve your outer appearance. do it. but. you do not have the power to change everything you wish to. you cannot simply replace your short legs with a little bit longer ones. so don’t fight it. stop trying to move the unmovable. don’t spend your whole energy on things you are not able to recreate. this is who you are. accept the fact. appreciate you are here. and then work on points from your ‘to do list’. stuff that grants you happiness. skills. abilities you can master to perfection. or just get better at. keeping that thought in front of you. no matter what happens. you will always be on track with your life. don’t waste it worrying what to wear to impress somebody or ‘look good’. focus on feeling good in what you wear. that way you will impress your body and soul by finally feeling comfortably. and that is of much bigger importance than anything else. your ability to move mountains or climb them. the source of any type of energy you need. apart from the food. and water obviously. is inside you. there are just too many things to be happy about. trust me. i’m a incorrigible optimist.


good times. bad times. weird times. low times. happy times. work times. busy times. lazy times. boring times. holiday times. family times. adventure times. exam times. wow. this life journey goes on so many different types of times. so many different places. so lead me on my dreams among different time and space. to share hope with nations and believers. to observe with modesty the pure truth. and to reveal prudently the magic and the mystery. follow your dreams. focus on them. keep them in mind. live them. you can always wake up to the life you want. let yourself to be lead by your dreams. accept the ‘outfit’ you were given. just maybe slightly work on it. what definitely won’t do any harm. and live to the full. enjoy every moment of this journey. life is good you know.

14324396_10210819731596320_7990724821489614719_ohappy b-day Monika. Berlin. 2016

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