Aloha Brasil! #1

landed. coffee. a gooood one. Brasil it is.


here. you’ve got to move on a neutral gear. not the 3rd. 4th or even the 5th one. no rushing to places. no ‘to go’ coffee. feels like having plenty of time. enjoying every moment. just taking it easy for a change. time to think. to breath. to do nothing and simply exist. people don’t have much. leading rather a very poor and easy. but happy life. the level of happines is inversely proportional to the level of wealth. we can learn from them a lot.


it’s like ‘reduce reuse recycle’ type of life. basic needs. ticked. simple products. ticked. making most of the fewer variety. ticked. appreciation of ‘what we have’ and ‘what we really need’. Brasilians tick that box too.


colourful little houses. and no food wasting. if you are thinking about getting a new fridge. try considering not to have one in the first place. changing your habits to buy. cook. eat. repeat. it might not be easy in Europe as there is such a great choice in the often too large supermarkets. and we suddenly want everything. having these food fantasies…which quite likely end up in a bin. less resources. improved imagination. may lead to a better taste. try that.


all you need is love. on the go. nature. people. adventure. kite.


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