colors of simple life


our everyday, was like waking up in the morning, having some yoga classes with a blue sky above our heads, delicious but really simple breakfast…and quick refreshing shower with little frogs jumping around…


…after that we drove through amazing Guajiru beach, just to reach everyday aim called Lagoa do Jegue (donkeys lagoon) where we had fun, by doing our baby steps as a kite surfers…


on the way back home, water of the ocean stopped us just in the middle of the route, and  after inflow, this little raft was our only chance to get to the other side…

boogie on buggies, one of our best experience ever 🙂


it was also a time to observe local life…

in this simple life, they have more than we, who are buried  with objects which we do not need, here they remember about mother nature, beauty of it, joy is the real value, nobody cares about what brand you are wearing or how much you spend on your car, people just smile without a reason, they care about each other, they all live the same, work and eat the same and might be, that they have no other option, but simplicity of this way of living, let to them remember, what really matter…


or to try some Brazilian goodies…


acai-delicious brazilian berries
icecream or pancakes mode of tapioka-manioc flour
coconut water
peixeada- fish and vegetable stew
octopus soup
mango, graviola, passion fruit, papaya, avocado
mousse de maracujá
banana flambada
beans buns with shrimps
cuscuz de tapioca



time for fun…

and happiness…

it was also a time to watch the speechless sunsets, which quickly became our addictive routine…



in this whole mix of fun and craziness, there was also a time to learn, how to listen the power of mother nature, how to appreciate beauty of simple life, we learn more about our friendship, which thanks to this amazing journey became even stronger, we know that when one of us would give up, the second will struggle to be a motivation which lift one another…

ps: our backpacks are full of fantastic
experiences, finally lighter than a feather 😉

#sikalafą #dziwaczki

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