suprise. paradise. Jeri(coacoara)

Jericoacoara. aka Jeri. is a small village in Ceará. Brasil. located around 300 km from Fortaleza. to get there you simply have to travel on 4×4 car through endless sand beaches and dunes. so here we go. 4 girls. 4×4 white mitsubishi. sun. sand. water crossings. crazy. super. fun. got that picture already?

Jeri is a place distant from the rushing modern world. fanatic deadlines. traffic jams and endless queues. you have to do some miles through not an easy ‘road’ to get there. but it’s totally worth it. and nobody said that paradise is easily reachable.


dream team having fun on the road. appreciating every moment of it. such a good times. and perfect adventurous opening to our time in Brasil. thanks girls!

still on the road. i said it is not so straightforward.


yeah. still driving. but believe me it will pay off.

i’ve read somewhere that ‘Jeri, as it is better known, is the kind of idyllic place where many travelers end up deciding to stay for longer than they had originally planned.’ oh well. can’t fight that statement. i could easily stay there just a bit longer. like a year or so.


ok. we made it. no broken tyre this time. so see for yourself what we have in mind.

welcome to Jeri. 

and can you imagine that just about 20 years ago it was a fisherman village. no electricity. no shops. no phones. no internet. people didn’t even make a big deal of money. using it very rarely.


today it’s a paradise paved with sand. like Venice with water. you can enjoy the barefoot all day. and night. long. warm. clear water. never ending beaches. and a sunset. that will take your breath away. and the colours it creates around. speechless.

oh well. let’s push this fascination even further and call it. the sunset. why not right!





FYI street lighting is still forbidden by local law. hence the full moon party is the always  long awaited tradition. yeah we were goddamned lucky to be part of that too!

to sum up. in Jeri. all you need is love. the weather is great. the feel under your feet perfect. the food simple but mouth-watering. probably one of the most beautiful sunsets you’ll ever see. in your whole life. available everyday. 365 days per year. and guess what. every 4 years you get a bonus. one extra sunset! whoa! life IS good! then. excellent wind conditions. simply a mecca for kite-surfers. and wind-surfers. and anyone who is in a great need of wind. on top of that. fresh coconut water. strong kite(cai)pirinhas. vegan ice creams and Havaianas store where you can get lost for an hour or two. yup been there. than that.

so. love yourself. love others. and go to Jeri.


our Brasil trip stories -> tbc

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  1. Great blog! I traveled to Cumbuco and stayed there for a month kiteboarding. Great photos too it reminds me of my trip. I never made it to Jeri but heard a lot about it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. miss_Q says:

      Well, you should go there then! It’s absolutely worth it 🙂 I hope to return there one day 🙂


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