two faces of Rio de Janeiro #1

generally Rio is a happy face. at least from the things we’ve managed to see and visit. colourful. playful. attracting. with its own city music around. of course i cannot speak for all favelas or people who live in Rio. although they all seem very happy. my statement is purely based on a two-day-trip experience.

img_4469Copacabana. Ipanema. absolutely well oraganized. long running beaches. full of life. sport activities. energy. beauty. never ending waves. drinks. coconut water. and cheap stuff selling people. the only thing missing there are the pretty and gifted brazilian girls. sorry guys but we really struggled to see some. only maybe a few spotted. but brazilian man.. that is a different story.


hell yeah! sun is shining. sighseeing ongoing. we are about to have a breakfast at Escadaria Selaron. big bowl of acai and brazilian coffee. could not ask for more.


img_4599the World is our home. we love travelling and meeting new people. sinking into new cultures. getting familiar with new customs. trying things we have never tried before. taste local food and drinks. adventure. that is the meaning of our lifes. adventure is simply something that was planned but didn’t actually go according to that plan. och well. planning might be good. adventure is definitely better. but living the life you want is the best. and trust me. it’s a piece of cake.

img_4649the pretty face of Rio is definitely noticable from above. no questions here. absolutely amazing views. with horizone spreading with no boundaries.


and you can even rent a heli. for a. wait for it. 7 minutes flight for just 300 euros. yup. you guessed well. we did not tick that box of Rio tourist attractions.

between Pao de Acucar and Cristo Redentor we chose Pao. same price. similar views. simply less hassle in getting there. but. if for any reason you still feel that having a photo on the highest peak of Rio is a must must then Rio comes with hand offering great service for all of you who cannot make it to nail five with Cristo in person. see below. just made my day.

img_4663food. some new tastes here. tapioca and coconut cake. beloved acai with banana and granola. tapioca pancakes with filings of your choice. bean bun burger with prawns and veggie. fresh fish. dead hanging chicken. 5 different types of bananas. love bananas. simply Saturday food markets on almost every corner.

last but not least. the most important happy face of Rio are the people. very helpful. smiling. appreciating what they have. even thought it’s not much and life can be hard. during these two days we had a few occasions where help was offered without asking for it. starting from our great hosts Fernando and his mum to random taxi driver. believe me or not. but seeing a sad. tired with life face there is not a common thing. it must be only a matter of perception then.




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