live R life…


…on your own rules, becouse this is ok

from the day of our birth the decisions are made for us by using child unconsciousness,I would prefer to avoid religious themes that as baptism and communion are for me only a wonderful idea to take money from gullible ‘sheep’ to keep this business booming, someone might disagree and have the right, but religion in my eyes is a first decision made for us not by us…

frequently people will remain in the so-called social schemes, because a society that deceptively gives us a choice…
…is telling us how to life at the same time


breaking out of the social framework met with criticism, and  lack of understanding, so for peace of mind, we dress the same, eat the same thing, we spend a vacation where everyone else do and we are losing itself our individuality our ‘I’.
more often we begin to doubt in our choices and decisions, wondering what the reaction of our close environment might be. therefore, the order must be maintained, baptism, communion, one school than the other one, ikea shopping, mowing the lawn and girl necessarily on Saturday, non functional catalogue houses located at the far end of the world, but everybody does it, then we too…
indulgence to fast transient trends, where we stop to think again about themselves, not asking simple questions whether I like it? or it is needed? and what is the purpose of it in my life? leads to lose of individualism, basically to feel lost…

and it seems to be very easy to fit like a cog, for those ages existing schemes, all proven, ready, just to buy it duplicate it, do not think… but despite of this illusive comfort I advise you to break away, and to take care of your well-being and cultivate life on your own rules because this is  really ok 🙂


give yourself right to be happy…

…magic is in your hands, be a creator of your own wonderland 🙂


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