Rio #2


Rio de Janeiro from the pavement level is a different experience.  contrasting dynamics to the Rio seen from above. yup. Cristo Redentor has a completely opposed perspective to the ones down there living their lifes.


inner curiosity to the unknow pushed us to see a couple of so well know favelas. one of them. found by accident. turned out to be one of the most dangerous favelas in the city. thankfully we only approached the bottom of it and when the police car arrived something told us to move back to the safe ‘walk Rio’ route. just FYI. we got lost a couple of times and still think this is the best way of sightseeing. no matter the place.


No wonder we have a lot of violence in Rio: the corrupt and violent policemen meet the violent criminals in the streets. What else is going to happen? In Rio de Janeiro, every cop has to make a choice. He either turns dirty, keeps his mouth shut, or goes to war.
– Jose Padilha –

it wasn’t a need to see deep poverty. no. not at all. rather the need to experience the real life. of real people. not tourists. so we went to the recommended. safe. favela Vidigal.


Vidigal residents are friendly and welcoming people. they are good businessmen too. simple. just have a motorbike and take Gringo to the top of favela. gringo feels safe. gringo sees favela inside. gringo likes motorbike so pays more for a ‘bike taxi’ to Copacabana after the shocking views of favela’s houses and poverty.


Vidigal becomes famous and just now you can either stay in the multiple star Sheraton hotel built just next to it. yhm. or. in a still under construcion posh apartments hotel on top of it. with an absolutely amazing view through floor to ceiling height windows. yes there is a nice restaurant just next to it as well. no need to walk down if you run out of wine. comfort and safety first…


it’s a colourful city. with mix&match architecture. what makes it tricky to determine whether it’s pretty or ugly. i liked it anyway.

Rio is an energetic, vibrant place, full of beauty and nature. But we face the kinds of problems any developing metropolis does – with pollution, traffic congestion, poverty. Distribution of green areas, for example, is not uniform. Madureira, the heart of the suburb in Rio, is a concrete jungle.
– Eduardo Paes –


I love both the sun and the moon, day and night. But I enjoy the day the most because I live in Rio and I can play sports.                                                                                                                   – Rodrigo Santoro –




p.s. kjakkowalska was scared on the way up Vidigal. but she cannot ride a bike that’s why! ;p


and her driver was very serious. did not smile at all. opposite to mine 🙂

14917019_10211274555006621_5087112690753179732_olive the adventurous life!



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