people along the way


just in 2016 i made new friends with over 140 people. that’s according to my fb stats. i know. very impressive. ha ha. anyway. the point is. as we move forward. as we move around. stand still. or even go back. we get to know new people. friends. random creatures. we either take something from it or leave it as it is. or we give something back. everyone learns from each newly met person. something about ourselves. the world. the perspective. the other human being. the lesson here is. always stay focus. try not to judge. however it’s super difficult. try. be openminded. so that you always have some space to accommodate new knowledge. no matter how huge or important it is. even the tinier. ridiculously looking at a first glance thing can change your so far firm opinion. let it. do it. i’m not trying to argue about the importance of having rules. values. and own opinions in life. in fact it’s hugely important. what i want to express is the freedom that an open mind and space for a change gives you. the world is changing. so can you. keep the core good values there. but let yourself shape your own figure. observe and listen to yourself. to the environment. to others. there are no obstacles for you to be who you want to be. and if it changes in a 5 years time. that’s fine. as long as we are here we can be active. we should be active. we can adjust. we can create. build. change. improve. live the life we want. to the full. change is good. brings new opportunities. and where opportunity lies that’s where you should pick up. wake your life up.

people along the way. i can think of a few that showed up and stayed forever. with the roots still growing in. thank you. or of those who brought short but intensive happiness. the ones that drew big smile on my face or injected a good portion of knowledge. life smart wise. and some who did harm. forgiveness is the key. step by step moving forward. hey again to a new face! sharing stories and widening perspective. wondering. some people we lost. but then we get the very missed emotions and care from others. with people it’s like never ending story. although sometimes looking quite familiar. it’s always surprising. and brings new.

i’m very much looking forward to the yet unknown human being society. i’ll even dare and adapt the well recognised factor from real estate field location.location.location to people.people.people. amazing stu(a)ff ahead!

390746-facebook-facebook-collagetravel. love. people. allow. change. wake up. be true to yourself.

ps. georgian wine is good. in deed.

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