part of a nature


inspired by the beautiful documentary I found on netflix ‚tales by light’ where in one of the episodes, Australian marine photographer Darren Jew dived with humpback whales in Tonga, spending this absolutely intimate time of calfs playing with their mother in their natural environment and capturing this unreachable moments into his magical box. I’ve been tremendously heartened in a thought of myself being in his shoes…
so… I’ve decided to try myself as a diver 🙂  and at the same evening I signed up to OWD course (open water diver)


nature has an infinite amount of beauty that we do not even know yet, everyday moving form one point to another we are able to catch only tiny piece of what it offer, in a groove of daily routine we basicaly forget our beloved mother that we are part of…

how often do you look at the sky while traveling by public transport? how often do you wait for sunset or moonrise to join these moments with nature? do you ever thank the sun that it rise up? the mountains for carrying you on their ridges? the water for her soothing chill on a hot sunny day?

the questions that came up recently, came to me when I was underwater, when I felt myself of being a part of the beauty, flowing so as not to frighten any little fish or to damage the beautiful reefs that color the underwater ecosystem, I realized how often  am far away from nature, how often I forget to take care of it as for myself.

NATURE is our home, is everything we need for living, we are part of it and this is worth to remembering every day.




and under water
is beautiful/is peaceful/is magical
this wonderful silence giving you the opportunity to contemplate
i fell in love and there is no way back

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