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all about A

I’m a big fan of people being exactly who they are!


glorious girl in the body of an absolutely beautiful woman, will infects you with the joy and easiness, and even when you do not want to open your eyes, she will write a few words dripping with motivation and positive energy which infects regardless of the kilometers which divide you, she can not sit still, returning from a trip already planning the next one, full of love and respect for life, with the fullest hunger for new experiences and for that I love her the most!

#she doesn’t care whether I earn 100 or 10.000 a month
#she makes me laugh when I want to cry
#she would rather hurt me with the truth than keep me happy with a lie
#she accept my fears and helps me fight them
#she laughs with me and never at me
#she supports to lifts me up no matter how many times I fall
#she allows me to be my weird self without judging

missQ ♥ my crazy soul sister

“a friend is someone who listen to your bullshit tell you in your face that’s bullshit and then listens to more of your bullshit”



you’ve just made me .. melt. and.. moved by what you said above. about me. ♥


ok. let’s start again.

kjakkowalska aka Karola. or. Karolka. friendly and heartfelt personality.

despite the fact she’s just bought a flat in Warsaw City Center. the world is her home. she has a powerful connection with nature. bringing harmony to her life. which she shares. generously. with others.

curious. and impatient of visitng new places. i must have hundreds of her postcards already. it’s amazing. how easy it is to get her on board.

she’s the master of spotting motivational. and. inspirational signs. then. she is very talkative and communicative. she says exactly what she thinks. and very often. she speaks through her photographs.


yes. that’s what i meant. on this particular one for example. Karola says. she is a crazy. happy. freak. very pretty one though.

kjakkowalska perceives life through her heart and open mind. i learned from her that if we express our feelings and emotions naturally. the next step will be harmony and balance. she loves people. but values time on her own. very creative and artistic soul. not a lazy one. knows what a hard work means. she accepts full responsibility and lives her own life to the best of her abilities. constantly improving.

‘love yourself is unpretentious, honest, unique and irreplaceable, this love is the balance and lack of sense of loneliness’ – kjakkowalska


to my beloved soul sister

every time when I look up here, I get goosebumps and tears of joy in my eyes,
thank you for that you ARE and for this priceless words. K.