quotes from Escadaria Selarón

‘the biggest prize is not to have it but deserve it’ ‘there are three things that do not go back: the word pronounced, the arrow released and the opportunity lost’ ♥ good morning. wake up. the day is waiting. the life worth living it. the adventure awaiting somewhere round the corner. be like Don Quijote…

Berlin callin’ for wandering eye

whenever i walk around the city. make it Berlin this time as we’ve just returned from a fantastic 28 hours pretty intensive in many different kinds of emotions weekend. i wonder. i look at people. and i see some ugly faces. weird shapes. untasty tastes. some very fat ones. and super thin too. and then i…

lifeupcall for Mother Earth

lifeupcall for Mother Earth. is a wake up call for all of us. start acting like you understand the importance of reducing. reusing. and recycling. even though you might feel small. and thinking. one does not matter. believe me. you can make big differences in our world. what’s even more encouraging. you make these differences. changes. improvements. to your very own life. mind….

home sweet home

but where is that? i’ve been asking myself this particular question since 2006. 10 years already. wow time flies. and frankly for the past 4 i considered myself. homeless. althought with a nice roof over my head. but still truly homeless. anyway the good news is i finally got to the answer. namely. during one. nice and…

making THE time. for THE moments.

one of these weekends. not enough sleep. in funny places. lots of good food. probably had way too much. alcohol measured in litres. open air. a bonfire in the middle of the night. crazy. wild. dancing. lots of talking. sharing. looking back. forward thinking. hoping for THE moment to last forever. surrounded by friends. best friends….